Rainbow Anodized Titanium Tool, Grade 2
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  • Rainbow Anodized Titanium Tool by HeatVac
  • Medical Grade 2 Titanium
  • Flat end and ball-point end
  • HeatVac anodized logo
  • HeatVac is the only authorized seller of this listing - all others are knock offs!

Our new Anodized medical grade 2 titanium is colored using heat and electricity during manufacturing. This adds a non-toxic colored tint to the titanium. The color may fade from repeated heat, or scratch from repeated scraping but there is nothing that will scrape off and nothing that can contaminate your essential oils. 
If HeatVac isn't the seller, you might be getting something that looks totally different. It might not even be Grade 2 Titanium! Amazon will not remove these other sellers from OUR listing - Buyer Beware! Only buy from HeatVac, thank you! 

Titanium Tool 
Grade 2 Titanium 
Flat end and ball-point end 
Includes ONE dabber 

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Rainbow Anodized Titanium Tool, Grade 2

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