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Introducing the new HeatVacXL PLUS - Heated Vacuum Chamber.
Now features improved temperature accuracy to +/- 1 degree using our advanced PID microprocessor.
XL size with 50% larger heated surface than the Original HeatVac.
Now features improved temperature accuracy to +/- 1 degree using our advanced PID microprocessor.
Includes our new upgraded 100% silicone Hose & Gauge Kit and Pump Adapter included at no extra charge. ?

Our accurate, digital temperature-controlled heated surface inside the vacuum chamber makes degassing faster and simpler. Designed to give you precise temperature control of the surface inside of your vacuum chamber, simplifying the degassing process of urethanes, silicones, epoxies and other solvent-based extracts.
Many materials can be degassed quicker and more easily if heat is applied. Traditional vacuum chambers are either unable to be heated, or difficult to accurately control. The HeatVac PLUS applies even, accurate heat directly under the material, instead of radiating heat from the sidewall of the chamber like a laboratory vacuum oven. Sidewall heaters use fans to blow around the hot air, but under vacuum the air has been removed and radiant heat is much less effective. Only the most expensive, high end ovens - and the HeatVac - have direct conduction trays. Direct conduction trays consistantly measure the same temperature across the entire surface of the tray and conduct heat directly to the material on the tray. This gives the user complete control over their degassing process. Our HeatVac is designed to be lightweight and portable at only eight pounds, while still performing like a high-end piece of lab equipment. Perfect for both the home hobbiest or a lab technician, our HeatVacs are used in labs and universities across the country.

Specifications: Vacuum chamber with clear polycarbonate top and chemical-resistant white polypropylene bottom. Polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug accepts 3/8" I.D. tubing and allows a controlled entrance of air preventing unnecessary turbulence. Holds a full vacuum (29.9" Hg) at room temperature for 24 hours; will remain airtight even if not under vacuum. Inner chamber is 8” tall, diameter is 9" and the entire surface area of the burnished aluminum disc is heated. Hose and Gauge Kit: Five feet of 100% FDA approved silicone 3/8" hose, stainless steel gauge for reading vacuum in inches of mercury and 3/8" brass pump adapter. Custom made for HeatVac. Includes instructions and one-year warranty against defects.

Includes one HeatVacXL PLUS vacuum chamber and digital temperature control unit, all connections, hose & gauge kit, pump adapter and 120vac grounded power cord. Pump not included. Includes instructions and one-year warranty against defects. Please allow 5-10 business days for domestic delivery. We also ship internationally, please contact us!


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