DigiDabber Replacement Heater Coil - Long 6.5'
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Replacement heater coil for the DigiDabber E-Nail by HeatVac

Also works with the D-Nail and other brands with the following wiring pattern: 
1: Black, 2:White, 3: Pos t/c, 4: Neg t/c, 5: Ground 

-6.5 foot long party-length E-Nail heater coil with black Kevlar sheath 
-250watt heater coil helps prevent burn-outs; Much more stable temperatures than lower wattage coils
-New, K-Type heater coil improves temperature accuracy 
-New lightweight kevlar-sheath won't tip over your setup 
-One year warranty on heater coils 

Titanium nail pictured is not included with this listing, but it is available in our store.

The wiring pattern MUST MATCH your brand of E-Nail exactly, or it will not work correctly. Verify your E-Nail brand wiring pattern before purchasing. Using the incorrect wiring pattern could cause irreparable damage to your E-Nail and the heater coil. We are not liable for issues with cross-brand use. 

Heater coil is 15.8mm inner diameter, 12.7mm coil height, 6.5' long cord length. 15.8mm coil size is compatible with the following nails: HeatVac Ti E-Nail (see our listings), Highly Educated Ti OG-Nail, Hive Ceramic D-Nail. Uses standard-size XLR connector. 

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DigiDabber Replacement Heater Coil - Long 6.5'

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