DigiDabber Quartz E-Nail and Carb Cap
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  • Quartz Domeless E-Nail and Carb Cap
  • Available to fit all joints, male/female, 14mm & 18mm
  • 99.9% Lab tested for Quartz Purity 

Introducing our new quartz domeless e-nail for our DigiDabber e-nail units. Also includes matching quartz carb cap! These quartz nails are custom designed for DigiDabber and have been lab tested at 99.9% purity. For optimal fit use only with our newest genereation of DigiDabber brand heater coils; sorry they do not fit our older yellow sheath coils. We can only accept returns of new unused nails.



  • Item #: 8500

DigiDabber Quartz E-Nail and Carb Cap

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