Ceramic Vape Pen Atomizer - Divine Crossing V3 - Rebuildable
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BRAND NEW Available now! Divine Crossing V3 All ceramic wax vape pen atomizer. Features a fully rebuildable ceramic atomizer. Includes three ceramic discs, all parts and instructions. This new version has a bigger surface area for bigger tasty clouds. Big improvements made here and a highly reconmmended experience. 

Details: Our new Divine Crossing V3 features an all-ceramic atomizer. Designed for sensitive medical users, the constuction features no wicks or coils, and no soldered connections, instead using inert glass. The atomizer's all-ceramic construction results in fantastic taste and rugged durability.

Our testers all agree, it's the best tasting vape pen on the market, hands down! Produces great thick clouds and zero throat irritation. 

For use with sub-ohm batteries only. If you have an adjustable battery unit or box mod we recommend running at 20w - 30w. Lower wattage gives better flavor, higher wattage produces bigger clouds. 

Atomizer only, battery sold separately.


  • All-ceramic vape tip with all-ceramic donut atomizer 
  • Includes three (3x) total ceramic discs (one installed, two replacements) 
  • Mini travel oil tool with reusable cap to keep pockets clean
  • Mini screwdriver for replacing the ceramic discs
  • Retail box
  • 1x free DigiDabber silicone container


  • Operating Ohms: .7 - .8
  • Power: 20w - 30-w
  • Voltage: 3.2v - 4.8v  
  • Threading: 510 threads


  • Item #: 3550

Ceramic Vape Pen Atomizer - Divine Crossing V3 - Rebuildable

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